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Suddenly refers to what happens suddenly or suddenly. This term refers to what is sudden, impetuous, unexpected or precipitate. Examples: "John was talking, and suddenly, it has faded and disappeared,"the colonel seemed abstract situation until, suddenly, he launched a cry","the writer died suddenly while he was enjoying the Sun in the garden of his house.
Sudden death is known as a form of natural death which occurs for cardiac causes and that is unexpected. More than half of the sudden deaths have ventricular fibrillation (a manifestation of myocardial ischemia).
Although sudden death is rightly recognized for its unexpected and unforeseen factor, doctors say it can be prevented with physical activity. However, this recommendation does not apply in all cases, sudden death can occur in infants and very young children.
What is suddenly, in a Word, is related to the unexpected. A computer that turns off suddenly is one that stops suddenly, walking in the middle of a process, and not by the user's decision. Similarly, any apparatus or device which stops suddenly is that suddenly ceases to comply with the operations indicated by the user.
The opposite of suddenly would be, for example, 'as expected', 'as it was to provide": 'As was expected, the computer no longer works, because it showed some error messages from a few days'," the Brazil beat, as it was to be expected, the China and will play against the Portugal in the next match of the competition.
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