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Synonym in some sort of 'supervision', heard by Superintendence the supreme authority in his field. It is an organization that is responsible for/load monitoring, management and control of a specific social or economic sector.
Examples: "the Superintendence of insurance announced that it would penalize companies that do not meet the demands of customers within a period of 48 hours", 'If the social worker does not meet our request, we shall have to consult the Superintendence of health services', 'an anarchist group was awarded the attack of the Superintendence of banks.
The Superintendence, therefore, are organs of State monitoring. Their goal is to control private companies from various sectors to ensure their compliance with the regulations in force and that they do not affect the rights of consumers.
In Chile, for example, the Superintendence are autonomous organizations of the State which have legal personality under public law and that are related to the Government through the ministries of their branch. These supervisory are formed to establish mandatory standards (circular), which may be reviewed by the courts.
The Superintendence of casinos, the Superintendence of securities and insurance, the Superintendence of pensions are some of these institutions in the Chilean territory.
The Colombia has organizations such as the National Health Superintendency and the Superintendency of ports and transport, while at the Peru there are the national Superintendence of tax and in Argentina, the Superintendent of insurance of the nation.
It is worth mentioning that the highest authority of a Superintendency is known as Superintendent.
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