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From the latin supplēre, provide means replace or substitute one thing for another, put the place someone, conceal or hide a defect or integrate what is lacking in something.
Examples: 'coach has not yet decided who will be responsible for the front player","the young actor has promised to substitute for his father in the project until he returns from his trip","We have to think how to make up for lack of milk so that the recipe is a success".
Provide, therefore, is associated with a replacement or substitution. In the field of sport, the action of supplement relates to replacement (Exchange) of players from a team. This change may occur in the middle of a game due to injury or for reasons specific to the game (tactics, performance, etc.). As teams often have an initial starting eleven which is usual, substitution may also occur before a match (when a player who has used to replace enters the core team to compensate for another).
Some substances are used in food to supplement the lack or absence of other which are necessary for the health of the individual. These preparations therefor are food supplements: "the doctor told me if I don't eat meat, I have to take supplements to compensate for its lack", "in infants, there is nothing that can substitute for breastfeeding.
The purpose of conceal a lack is also known under the designation provides: "now that Truotly has resigned, we must think how we are going to make up for his absence without compromising investor.
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