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Survival, from the latin supervīvens ("who survives"), is action and the effect of survive. This, in turn, refers to living after a particular event, trying to live after the death of someone (a loved one, for example) or try to live in difficult conditions and without the means.
Examples: "having spent three days in the forest has been a real test of survival for us", «War, you need the support of your companions to survive», "I think that if I would lose me in the mountains, my survival would last only a few hours.
A survivor is anyone who manages to keep alive in extreme situations which, in a manner generally would have resulted in death. Typically, one speaks of survivors when a serious accident occurs. If a plane with 80 passengers on board falls and 75 people died, it is said that people who have managed to escape are survivors.
Survival skills are skills that allow people to stay alive if they find themselves isolated in the middle of the nature. These techniques enable them to feed themselves, protect themselves from weather and heal any minor injuries.
Soldiers and explorers are people who usually learn in survival techniques. Usually, they carry out their trips or expeditions equipped with what is known as survival kit, which includes a knife, a pair of scissors, first aid items, etc.
Survival is also a subject which is addressed by the media through, for example, television shows such as "Survivor", which exposes participants to adverse situations and must overcome different obstacles.
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