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Term is a concept that is used in the grammar for a group or a group of words forming a type of component syntax. This syntactic constituent can form subcomponent. Means core syntactic word which provides the basic features of the phrase and which is the most important constituent of it.
A phrase is a syntactic unit consisting of words and morphemes that are hierarchically organized around the core syntax. The sentences can be decomposed into phrases connected by syntactical and semantic relations.
The phrases can be classified into endocentrique and exocentriques. Phrases (or composed) endocentriques represent maximum projections of their core and share the same grammatical category as him. The phrases (or compounds) exocentriques, on the other hand, do not have nucleus.
Currently, the most common classification is concerned the lexical phrases and functional phrases. In the first group, it is worth mentioning the noun (their nucleus is a name or a pronoun), prepositional phrases (they have at least a preposition which works as a kernel and a mandatory supplement), verbal phrases (a verb with a lexical meaning is its core), the adjectival phrases (an adjective works as a kernel) and adverbial phrases (which are based on an adverb).
Functional phrases, for their part, are those whose core has no lexical meaning. They can be divided into phrases of time (an auxiliary verb), in additional phrases (a relationship of subordination) and key phrases (an indicator of definition, reference or quantity).
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