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Telepathy is the transmission of psychic content between individuals with no known physical agents involved. The concept is also used to evoke the coincidence of thoughts or feelings without the intervention of the senses, which let to believe that there is a kind of communication unknown characteristics.
We can say, therefore, that telepathy is the transfer of mental content between individuals without recourse to one of the five senses. It is therefore a form of extrasensory perception.
It is important to mention that the existence of telepathy is not scientifically proven, despite all kinds of experiments throughout history. The main argument on the impossibility of telepathic communication is that the human brain is not able to produce enough energy to transmit information by itself
However, scientists leave the door open so that telepathy is a reality in the future, when it will be able to develop a technology capable to interpret brain waves and transform them into a message that the receiver can pick through a wireless device (suggesting, however, that there is no direct communication from one brain to another).
However, this lack of scientific evidence on the phenomenon does not prevent that telepathy is a frequent topic in the books, the movies and any work of fiction. Indeed, throughout history, it was awarded to many people the ability to communicate telepathically, but without being able to prove it conclusively.
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