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Bar is a concept which can refer to a part that is longer than thick. roller metal or wood; the line to form a letter or scratch; any object that has this form or a level considered a threshold or a limit.
A tool, on the other hand, is a tool which allows different jobs. It is designed to facilitate the realization of a mechanical task that requires the use of force. By extension, a tool is a procedure that allows to improve the ability to perform certain tasks.
The toolbar concept refers to a component of the graphical interface of a software (computer program). This bar appears on the screen of a computer as a row, column, or block with buttons or cones. When the user presses a button, a function of the application in question is activated.
Examples: "I cannot find the toolbar of the program", "I love the new Word toolbar", "sometimes I move the toolbar without knowing me it and I do not know where to look.
The toolbar, also known as toolbar (in English), appeared for the first time in 1973 and was the creation of Xerox. Over time, these bars have evolved to facilitate the use of the software. Currently, most programs allow to customize the toolbar to display only the buttons that the user chooses.
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