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From the latin supplicĭum, torture is a torment or pain, which may be physical or moral (e). Synonymous with "Calvary", the term may refer to bodily harm or even imposed death as punishment or the place where you have the death penalty.
Examples: "the convicted person lived a long ordeal before dying", "It was a torment to have traveled twenty hours in such conditions", "I want this ordeal ends once and for all."
The concept generally refers to torture or a bad moment experienced by a person for some reason any. The ordeal can be linked to deep pain or discomfort, reason for which its meaning is so vast in the current language.
It can be said that a person suffering from severe and chronic illness lives a torment: "Michel was hospitalized eight months already and it can't even breathe on his own, so we pray every night that its torture ends", "Fortunately, the operation was a success and the torment is now part of the past.
Suffer a tragedy can also be considered a torment: "I live a daily torment since my son was overthrown by an unconscious", "this agony will not end as long as the body of my niece will not be found.
Sometimes, the torment is just a bad moment, unless this becomes something really tragic: ' you used to take the first subway in the morning? '' It's a torment that I'd pass me,""find place in this street parking is a torment.
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