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A trillion is the corresponding amount to a million million. This number is expressed as the unit followed by 12 zeros: 1,000,000,000,000. This means that a trillion is equal to 10 to the 12th power.
However, trillion is often used (in the case of the Anglo-Saxon countries, for example) to designate the number which is equal to one billion in France, (i.e., followed by nine zeros unit), which leaves room for confusion when it comes to translations. What to the French is a trillion is not the same thing as for the Americans, for example. It is not the same number. Do not ignore that there is a huge difference between a billion and one billion.
Examples: "banks have accumulated a debt of more than a billion euro", "I wish I had a trillion dollars but I am just going half of the sum," "the Government claims that the economy can be revived with a $ trillion capital investment", "I can't even imagine what is to have a trillion dollars into the hands.
For the french, what the anglo-saxons call of billionaire is a person who has a wealth of a billion dollars or euros, regardless, that is, a billionaire (or multi-millionaire). No person has accumulated wealth of a trillion in currency any. However, this sum may be accumulated by several individuals.
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