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Trim is a concept with multiple uses and meanings. The term is used in reference to foods added to accompany a meat or fish dish.
In this sense, the trim is an accompaniment served with the main course. Often, the aim is to bring an additional taste or create a contrast with the main dish although sometimes it is used for decorative purposes.
Potatoes or French fries, rice, pasta, vegetables and salads are examples of fillings: "I will ask the meat in the oven with a side of vegetables", "To accompany the chicken, I'd take well as a garnish of potatoes cooked in water," "the dish that I ordered is delivered without seal", "meat is good. ", but the filling is cold.
The concept of seal, on the other hand, in the military context, refers to accessory parts of a firearm or to those of the harness adapted to the horse's head.
In the context of ready-to-wear and accessories, trim is used to adorn or embellish. This is in addition to a garment or a hat, for example, to garnish it.
Regarding furniture and decoration, means by topping all the materials which are used to garnish (fill) the bottom and/or the folder of a seat or a bed.
Finally, in the field of medicine, trim is the generic name given to periodic protections for women.
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