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From the latin inusitātus, unusual is an adjective which is used to describe something unusual, strange or slightly worn. What is unusual is so rare or unusual. Examples: "this furniture manufacturer offers unusual creations able to surprise customers',"model had an unusual color in her hair","it was an unusual storm in this region.
What is strange, weird, extravagant or implausible can be described as unusual. If it is snowing in Patagonia, no one can say that it is a surprising phenomenon, given that, due to the weather conditions and the geographical situation of the region, snowfall are common in winter. On the other hand, if it snows in cities such as Buenos Aires or Montevideo, it is faced with something unusual because this happens only very rarely.
In a person who is characterized by its parsimony and its tranquility, an impulsive and intense attitude will be considered unusual. This could be the case if the person in question responds by shouting and insults to a question or if it hits someone else in full fury.
Unusual can also be something extraordinary (which out of the ordinary about the quality, quantity or size) or something huge. If the Venezuela football team ranked at the World Cup, it is probably an unusual feat since the team never reached this goal so far. It is impossible to say the same thing in regards to the Argentina or Brazil, which are the countries of Latin America used to participate in the football World Championships.
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