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Version, from the latin versum, is how each person has to do something or to refer to the same event. Examples: "I would like to you drops my version of quiche lorraine ', 'the version of events told by the accused differs from that of witnesses',"the mayor said that he had never heard of the version of the press.
The concept is also used to refer to forms that are adopting the interpretation of a subject, the text of a book, etc.: "I do not like the version of Zorro performed by this artist", "the playwright introduced a free version of the famous Greek tragedy", "the Director is working on a new version of the Alfred Hitchcock classic that promises to generate a lot of controversy.
The version of the software is a number or a name assigned to a computer program to mention its level of development and its update. As a general rule, the management of versions is composed of two numbers separated by a period. The first is the major (or major, in English), while the second is the minor (or minor in French). The major changes when there are significant changes or the leaps in development and the minor varies with small alterations or corrections.
Thus, version 1.3 software refers to the great first version of a computer program that has already received three small changes. It is possible the following development version 1.4 or, if there is a material change, it will surely be version 2.1.
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