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Witchcraft is the set of magical and superstitious practices conducted by witches and wizards. Examples: "my grandmother believes she feels bad because due to a neighbor who made him a witchcraft", "the police raided a house where witchcraft spells were practiced and animals had been mutilated", "I feel it threw me a spell of witchcraft: I want to do things, but can't get out me.
Humans believe in witchcraft since prehistory well that interpretations of this phenomenon vary according to the culture and times. In Western society, witchcraft is associated with the belief in the devil or demons because the practice is associated with spells that seek to cause and hurt.
Beyond this tendency, in some cases, we often talk about two types of witchcraft: beneficial witchcraft and the evil, as in the case of white magic and black magic.
Ultimately, witchcraft practices are similar to the actions performed by magicians, sorcerers and shamans since they all involve a kind of logic that is beyond what is considered normal or natural.
In today's world, witchcraft as a practice able to influence the reality is so-called marginal. On the other hand, these phenomena appear frequently in popular culture through television, cartoons, books or films, often in a comical and humorous register.
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