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Increase cases of sextortion, consisting of deceptions to obtain photographs or intimate videos, and threaten to spread them among the relatives of the victim or in social networks, if this does not pay blackmail.
The sextortion is a type of blackmail which is to mislead a person - usually a man - to send photographs or videos intimate, or practice Cybersex facing the camera from your computer, in order to subsequently request the sending of a sum of money in Exchange for not distributing images among your family and friends or all contacts from your social networks. It is not only practice is on the rise, but also increasingly has specialized so it is good to have eyes wide open and not be carried away by the libido to the first hurdle.
And it is that there are organizations of cyber criminals who engage in this lucrative business of sexual extortion - that you can win millions of euros in only a few months--and seeking possible victims not only in chats and contacts websites, but also through general social networks like Facebook.
Before contacting, normally under a false identity in which include photographs and recordings of a scantily Lady, they study the profile of the victim to choose those that they consider most appropriate for their purposes, and which tend to be men aged between 20 and 40, because they are generally more predisposed to practice Cybersex and exchanging graphic images when the bait is proposed. If they also have couple stable, something common among fans of virtual sex, blackmail also threatens their relationship.
It is thus a system of indiscriminate harassment which extends as spam all over the world, with the particularity that they are the victims themselves which facilitate the extorsionador access to your privacy and your data. While the cyberbullying is concerned above all to parents because it particularly affects children and adolescents, in this case the criminals prefer to adults because it is necessary to have purchasing power to deal with the payment of blackmail.
The main problem is that these criminals can operate from anywhere in the world and is very difficult to track her down, so, although more and more complaints are received, it is virtually impossible to prevent these criminal activities, and only prudence and responsible Internet use may protect you against the sextortion.

Tips to avoid becoming a victim of sextortion

This type of cyber bullying is a result more of what can be assumed to share certain information via the Internet, so the best way to avoid becoming a victim of sextortion or any similar blackmail is based on taking certain precautions when we make use of new technologies, such as:
• Should never send photographs or videos intimate or sensitive to unknown, not undressing or performing certain practices before the cameras of the computer to avoid being recorded.
• It is advisable not to send such images to the girlfriend, because if the relationship is terminated it could make a bad use of them, or they could end up in the hands of third parties.
• For the same reason, these images should not be stored in smartphones, tablets, laptops or shared computers. Portable devices can be lost or be stolen, and then other people accessed to all the data stored in them.
• Be aware that if your computer is damaged, technicians can also access the data that you have saved.
• If you use pages of contacts to flirt, chat rooms or similar, it is best that you protect with an alias and email created especially for this activity and not share it with friends, family, or persons with which you relationships for business reasons. You must not provide your real identity, or data allowing you to find out.
• Remember that the images you send always will be held by the receiver, and they will continue to be so even if you pay the money requested. In addition, even in the case that at present does not matter you these photographs or videos are disseminated, life priorities change and it is likely that in the future you could jeopardize seriously.
• If unfortunately you are a victim of sextortion keeps all the possible tests (emails, messages, wassaps...), delete all the user profiles on Internet, and get in touch with the police to denounce it and that you guide on the best way of acting, since normally pay does not solve the problem because typically the Harassers require new payments.
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