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It simplifies your life

Many times when we take a look back, or at the time in which the events are happening, realize that we make too. With how easy that would be life if we simplificáramos it! People who can't simplify tend to take the more labyrinthine way possible, simply for not being able to accept the shortcut, and experience why feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration and, especially, exhaustion. Simplify is not complex, just you have to train yourself to do this.

Why me I complicated life?

Answer the question of why they complicate the existence is not easy, as it is not find a single answer to it. The attitude towards the problems is largely determined by the interaction between certain personality traits, styles of coping with difficult situations, cognitive styles, and the resources available to deal with them. Let's see what each of these features:
Personality traits are stable trends in the way we react to different circumstances, that help to predict our behavior in specific situations. According to personality traits, we can determine a profile of persons to which costs make life easier. In this sense, people with a high degree of anxiety, difficulty in decision-making, reflective (or introspective), Avoidant, and with a high level of negativism, tend to complicate your life, often as a result of the fear and insecurity that present when making decisions.
Coping styles are patterns of learned behaviors throughout our previous experience, that lead us to adopt a certain way of acting, to a large extent influenced by the successes or failures obtained previously. People that not simplify tend to have experienced a previous failure because of their lack of foresight, for not having properly weighed the situation, either for being too fast when making a decision. Therefore gradually learn to find him ' three feet cat ' rejecting the principle of practicality, often true, that assumes that the simplest explanation tends to be the most successful.
Cognitive style refers to the way in which we interpret the world. To be able to get an idea of a what we're talking about imagine a mental map that we construct individually. There will be people whose map is full of mountain ranges with steep relief, while for others it will be full of valleys and beaches. This map represents the way in which we perceive reality. If our map is full of reliefs and rugged hills better equip us well and we are very cautious when making decisions since us alert saying that life is complex. If, on the contrary, in our map predominate valleys and beaches, we can go through life with a simple pair of sandals and a sarong, since it indicates that it is not necessary for us to complicate.
Finally, resources relate to the social, emotional and economic support that we have faced adverse circumstances. As well, there are people who even if do not want to complicate the truth is that they have a complicated life, because they have very few resources to cope with difficulties, while persons with an adequate support can afford the luxury of simplifying your life if they wish seeking support in others.

Consequences of not simplify your life

Who not simplify your life tends to regret it. The inability to simplify the problems and decisions tends to go a costly Bill emotional and social to which it is not able to see life in a more friendly way.
Anxiety and stress are the main consequences faced by people who are too complicated existence, because they live a constant uncertainty and dissatisfaction. This emotional situation is eroding day by day, so it is frequent that they develop diseases physical (hypertension, digestive problems, muscle aches, insomnia, headaches, etc.) or mental disorders (anxiety, depression, addictions...), fruit of exhaustion.
Interpersonal relationships are another facet of life that it is disadvantaged by the lack of simplicity. In general, persons who do not simplify give too many laps in the lead reaching out to others, which often get tired of living with someone as indecisive and that, in many cases, presumed to guess his thought. Therefore people who do not simplify frequently are object and cause bad understood that they end up hindering the relationship with others.
Finally, the employment level also tends to be affected in this type of people. The difficulty of taking decisions, the constant doubts that assail them, or the fact that everything is made them uphill, limits les when it comes to take certain jobs requiring a quick mind and practice.

Tips to simplify your life in 4 steps

We can offer you some simple guidelines so you be sure to complicate your life. For this reason, whenever you have a problem, should take a decision, is necessary that you finish with a pending case, follow these tips to learn how to siplificar:
Write down on paper objectively what is happening: attempts to delete your description adjectives or value judgments about how it makes you feel that situation, as for example "this matter ugly/nasty/unbearable".
It assesses whether the situation really affects you as well as for having to take too many turns to solve it. If it is not so, for now. Enough stress causes life so you you compliques with irrelevant issues. You must learn to give fair and every thing concerning importance. Only if you think that the issue is really important, it continues with the next steps of the process.
Get a list of the options that you have to solve it or deal with it. How much more, better. Don't forget to include those options that you have resources that can offer others. For example, imagine that you have a very important meeting and not you can pick up your child, while your parents are comfortably at home watching the gossip from the desktop program. If the relationship with your parents is good and you think will they bother, what you ask them that pick up the child? At other times, you will have to consider more sweeping solutions where, despite your resources, there is no place for another possible option because of the way in which the circumstances arise. For example, you want to go to work despite being ill with fever, and having had a recommendation to rest by your doctor. Yes, you could go just a few hours, inflate you to analgesics and give a good layer of makeup, a taxi or ask someone to take you to work, but... could be easier for the time you stay in bed and you recover first?
Choose the simple option and that more suits you. You not Dogpile thinking what suit you more to others, which option would be ideal if you had that resource that you lack, what should to do, etc. With the real possibilities that you have, and your interests, answer this simple question: what is easier and more effective for you?
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