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What is the Babymoon?

'Babymoon' is a romantic getaway before the baby is born, a travel partner to enjoy one another, relax, and load up on energy to deal with the new adventure of being parents.

Babymoon means literally Baby Moon with a nod to honey moon or honeymoon, because it also is a romantic trip as a couple, with the difference that in this case is a 'couple of three'. And that is the babymoon getaway in which future dads enjoy a holiday for adults before childbirth and the happy arrival of your baby, a highly anticipated moment and desired but that will undoubtedly change them life.

Between weeks 18 and 24 of pregnancy is the safest to travel period

Therefore, before entering a world of diapers, bottles, sleepless nights... and that will be you little time to dedicate one another, East small romantic whim you sit beautifully, both physical, emotional and psychological level.

The tourism industry has wanted to use also the babymoon pull and you will find numerous hotels and resorts - there are even travel agencies specializing in this type of tourism-offering packages designed ad hoc, including relaxing massages, beauty treatments, spa sessions, yoga classes, and a variety of recreational activities posed no risk to the pregnant woman.

Tips to make perfect your babymoon

If you are a lover of travel insurance that already you have occurred to a lot of possible destinations for your romantic getaway maternity, but these tips can help you make your babymoon perfect:

It is ideal to travel in the second trimester of pregnancy because you've already left behind the nausea and discomfort of the first quarter, and as your abdominal volume is not excessive will feel more agile and comfortable. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology between weeks 18 and 24 of pregnancy is the period more secure for travel, even if you are well and your GYN thinks it appropriate you can travel at any other time.
Where to go. There are so many possibilities that it is difficult to choose from, so let yourself be guided by what it asks you for the body: relaxing on the beach or in the countryside, visiting that city that you both want to know and go out to dinner and the theater, a resort that includes treatments and activities to do as a couple...
Select a destination where the hygienic sanitary conditions are appropriate, preventing countries in which there are areas with endemic infectious diseases.
Purchase travel insurance. You must always do so, but in this case it is essential to cover any contingency. In addition, it is suitable to include cancellation insurance in order to recover the money if at the last moment your gynaecologist advises against travel.
Don't forget to include your medical history with the final tests which you have made, such as ultrasound and analysis and, of course, vitamin complexes that you're taking in the luggage.
It carries clothing and footwear comfortable and suited to the climate and features of the chosen destination. Translated for educational purposes
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