Ben Affleck biography

Ben Affleck biography
August 15, 1972

Who is Ben Affleck?

Handsome classic from a large screen but with considerable irony, Benjamin Geza Affleck was born on 15 August 1972 and, despite his air of spoiled stars, has at least the merit of being a self-made man. No artistic heritage in his family: parents or former actors or writers or singers relatives failed, but only a mechanic father and teacher mother (separated since its inception).

From those two anonymous parents is still sprung one of the most spectacularly beautiful and sexy cinema memories, adored by women since his first appearances. Always at ease in front of a camera as in front of a real audience, sneaks right environments already as a boy, debuting at only fourteen years in a tv movie titled "Wanted: The perfect guy".

He finished his studies and takes his bravo graduated from Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, wanting to get out blood from the caudine forks and dive in search of his Street, which for him has only one name: cinema. The Ben Affleck mess Kit, good for him, it's not that hard: arrives on the big screen back in 1992 with "school ties", which leaves a large sign but allowing him to be called to the luckiest "generation X", a film which focuses on the problems of the generation born in the 1980s.

From this choice, will not necessarily comply with the wishes of the great distribution, favouring the intelligent films sometimes small independent filmmakers, we begin to define one of the peculiarities of Ben Affleck actor: one that would have all the potential to become the star of the moment but that does not get tired to explore different artistic paths.

The retry? In addition to the noble intentions, is also an accomplished writer. Thanks to its screenplay comes the big hit when, with childhood friend Matt Damon, writes "Will Hunting-rebel Genius", where both prayed (along with his younger brother, Casey). With this film in addition to box office success takes home an Oscar too right for best screenplay. From that moment the natural bow proposals from all parties, with usual rising cachet to stellar levels. And the star is made.

Ben's career in fact rears: is one of the protagonists (with Bruce Willis) of the "Armageddon trade", great success and sophisticated "Shakespeare in love" (another film with Oscar-winning various), alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom he will live a love of a few months.

In 1999 they come out with his name printed on the film posters such as "catch-22," "200 cigarettes," but we have also seen in "The Third Wheel" (of which he was also producer) and "Bounce" still beside his former flame Gwyneth Paltrow.

Then it was the star of "Pearl Harbor", a drammone who has catalysed the attention of u.s. media, and eyes of abducted thousands of women. More recently he appeared in the role of "Angel" in the delirious, made me laugh, "Dogma" again beside his great friend Matt Damon, released in 1999 by that crazy camera craftsman who is Kevin Smith and left with severe developmental delay in movie theaters.

Also not to be forgotten are the most commercial "offence", "at the top of tension" and the shameful cartoon "Daredevil".

It was a much envied man when he was about to marry the owner of the world's most coveted derriere ... Miss Jennifer Lopez. Then the turbulent relationship has ended, and Ben Affleck married actress Jennifer Garner (June 2005) with whom he had two daughters, Violet Anne Affleck (2005), and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck (2009).

After the successful film The Town (2010) in which Ben Affleck Besides acting sits behind the camera, his great success as a Director comes in 2012 with the film "Argo": the film tells the real events in Tehran after the Iranian revolution of 1979; Affleck is the protagonist, Tony Mendez, instructed the Cia to resolve the issue of American hostages: the film was winner of the Oscar for best picture of 2012.

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