Biography of Charles Bronson

Hard, Hollywood myth November 3, 1921
August 30, 2003

Who is Charles Bronson?

A face that was a landscape. A face so interesting and handsome irregularly, although judged there expressionless, she never tired of watching, just like when you're in front of a fascinating natural spectacle. Still Yes, but always fascinating. And though the eyes of "death wish" night Bronson forget someone more, especially after seeing what sadness could express their films like "once upon a time in the west" of our Sergio Leone.

Yet that label of souless and cold executioner defenceless (in the movies, of course), after playing the famous saga of "Il giustiziere della notte" remained stuck on me like a nightmare.

Someone has also come to disturb the usual political categories: accused him of being, along with the Director, reactionary. The private justice, even if only on the big screen, it was not conceivable and the good Charles Bronson finds herself for years on charges of being "right".

Cinephiles remember though to very different films.

Charles Dennis Buchinsky (his real little latch name), was born on November 3, 1921 (not 1922, as some biographies claim) in Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, the eleventh of fifteen children of Lithuanian immigrants. The father is a miner; Charles himself has been working for a long time in a coal mine in Pennsylvania before his hard face, after the enormous sacrifices attending high school to Hollywood stardom.

Called by the army, fighting as others his age in World War II. After the war he decided to study dramatic art in Philadelphia, where it is applied as a maniac in a lot of hard work on the basics of acting.

In the years ' 60 and ' 70 Charles Bronson became, along with Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen, a star of American cinema. It is noted first in "the magnificent seven", but up to maximum of popularity, as anticipated, with "Il giustiziere della notte", so successful that will give way to a full-blown series.

Then collect starring roles in some 60 films. In Europe became famous for the extraordinary, epic, "once upon a time in the west", a masterpiece of maestro Sergio Leone dated 1968.

In 1971 he won the Golden Globe Award for "most popular actor in the world".

Her love life was very intense. He was married three times: first to Harriet Tendler, in 1949, and they had two children and divorced after eighteen years. The second was to actress Jill Ireland, in 1968, with whom he had another son and adopted a child.

Jill Ireland then became ill with cancer, dying in 1990. The third time Bronson married the young Kim Weeks in 1998.

Here is a brief rundown of his other movies: starred in "sacred and profane", and after the already mentioned "cult" "the magnificent seven", in 1963 also plays in "the great escape".

The 1967 he is the protagonist in another memorable title, "the dirty dozen".

Still, he remembers his face in stone hard and tense movies as "two dirty bastards", "Red Sun", "Chato", "Profession" and "killer Joe Walachi-I segreti di Cosa Nostra".

Alzheimer's patient for a long time, fighting pneumonia that forced him into a bed of Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Charles Bronson went off on August 30, 2003, at the age of 81 years.

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