Biography of Ferruccio Amendola

Double master July 22, 1930
September 3, 2001

Who is Ferruccio Amendola?

Born in Turin on July 22, 1930 but Roman by adoption, Ferruccio Amendola was the most famous and celebrated actor of Italian cinema. Lent his distinctive voice to Hollywood giants such as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman and Sylvester Stallone, as well as Bill Cosby in the television series "the Cosby Show" and Italians Maurizio Arena and Tomas Milian.

Son of art and with a grandmother herself elocution teacher, Ferruccio Amendola started frequenting the dubbing, only five years old when he gave his voice to the child "Rome open city". It was just the grandmother who taught him backstage banter.

His artistic talent was inherited from a family; There was no tradition of dubbing and the parents were figures of more "traditional" show: her father was the film director Peter, while the grandparents were behind many years of theatrical experiences.

Ferruccio Amendola crescendo has retained a love for art and is dedicated to the theatre, where he appeared alongside Walter Chiari, and especially at the cinema, not only as a voice actor. He has participated in a large number of low-cost films, in particular the so-called "navigation menu", where he appeared alongside round singer, usually in the role of friend.

In 1959 Amendola played its most important role, that of the soldier De Concini in "the great war" by Mario Monicelli. Among the other movies worth remembering "La banda del buco", "Sailors on deck", "Viaggio di nozze all'italiana" and "who knows why ... everything happens to me". Despite his long film career (apart from his experience with Roberto Rossellini at an early age, he was the first prominent role in 1943, only thirteen years, with "Gian Burrasca"), Ferruccio Amendola became a familiar face to the general public mainly due to the tv dramas. After "stories of love and friendship" by Franco Rossi, was the Superintendent of Those thirty-six "steps", the Barber of "Little Rome" and Dr. "AJAX emergency room".

Although the man apparently seemed closed and grouchy, Amendola has never maintained popularity in a selfish way. It is instead spent to turn frequently campaigns for charity as that of 1996 for Greenpeace and, in the last months of his life, in favour of children's Rights Day.

Ferruccio Amendola naturally remained in the hearts of all to the unmistakable stamp of his voice, paid virtually all large in Hollywood in recent decades. We find him in "Kramer vs. Kramer," "Midnight Cowboy," "little big man" and "Tootsie" as Dustin Hoffman's voice, not to mention the series of "Rocky" and "Rambo" with Sylvester Stallone or Robert De Niro in "Taxi Driver", "raging bull" and "the Hunter". Also a great Al Pacino to his debut has had the honor of having a dubbing of Amendola, when turned "Serpico" (hereinafter Al Pacino will be voiced by Giancarlo Giannini). And come to think: what would these actors without the voice of the great Ferruccio? Certainly would still be myths, but would be just as very different. Maybe less human, less hot, less faceted. All characteristics that could transpire, like a diamond, iridescent only from Amendola.

The unforgettable actor was married to Rita Savagnone, even her voice actress, with whom he had three children: Claudio Amendola, actor as parents and equally famous, Federico and Silvia. Together they wept on September 3, 2001 when it was off to Rome after a long illness.

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