Biography of Giorgio Albertazzi

Biography of Giorgio Albertazzi Intense interpretations
August 20, 1923

Who is Giorgio Albertazzi?

Giorgio Albertazzi was born in San Martino a Mensola, a fraction of Fiesole, near Florence, on 20 August 1923. Italian actor of exceptional skill, considered a master of the National Theatre, is also a Director, Italian dramatist and poet.

In other words, the same actor, his birth would have been marked by some vague uncertainty about the place. More than in San Martino, where it was recorded, Aaron claims he came into the world in Borgo San Jacopo, then baptism in haste to the Baptistery and dipresso delivered to San Martino di Fiesole. Anyway, the little Giorgio descends from rural bourgeoisie: the son of a railwayman addetto alle track deviations of the Ferrovie dello Stato, until age 18 spends his whole life in the countryside.

In 1943 is called to arms in the Republic of Salò and enlisted, not even twenty, with the rank of Lieutenant. Two years later, in the winter of 1945 and the war now over, founded in Ancona along with Titta Felix the first Italian anarchist theatre. According to Giorgio Albertazzi, would have represented works up to that time ever seen in Italy, by authors such as Pietro Gori, Andrejeff and others, as well as several autograph material belonging to members of the theatre. That same year, however, a little later, the future star of many animation is arrested for Collaborationism and is forced to spend two years in prison. Here, he says, Marx and Engels law.

In 1947, following the so-called "amnesty Togliatti", Aaron is freed. From that moment can resume his architectural studies, and soon after graduation. But, above all, can invest everything it has, namely her talent and passion, in the art of acting, from the context of infant actor stubs, its strong appearance.

The important stage debut in 1949, in the opera "Troilus and Cressida" by William Shakespeare, directed by Luchino Visconti. The representation is part of the so-called Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and promotes the talents of young actor.

Two years later, Giorgio Albertazzi is at the cinema with the film "article 519 Codice Penale" by Leonardo Cortese. The following year he starred in both "Don Camillo" by Julien Duvivier, who in "the merchant of Venice" by Pierre Billon and Giorgio Capitani. But fame comes through national radio and television, two media that in recent years with the advent of the economic boom, begin to enter with arrogance in Italian homes, permanently changing customs and culture.

Aaron becomes the protagonist of now legendary series of Rai, as the exciting "crime and punishment", based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and in which he starred alongside Diana Tan and Bianca Toccafondi, directed by Franco Enriquez. This "filmography", as it is called, airs for the first time Friday, March 12, in 1954, and during work, Aaron binds to actress Bianca Toccafondi. But already in 1956 the plaintiff chooses its historic partner, Anna Proclemer. In that same year, the actor interprets Tuscan important parts in other prose, as tv "the ghosts" by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Marco Ferrero, and in "Lorenzaccio" by Alfred De Musset.

Until 1961, the year in which figure in the cast of the film "death of a bandit", now a cult figure Tuscan actor in virtually all successful dramas produced by public television, like "King Lear," Shakespeare, "Dostoevsky's the idiot", "Uncle Vania" by Chekhov and many others.

Sometimes, as in "Piccolo mondo antico", 1957, Giorgio Albertazzi is voice-over, using his skills as a great storyteller, as well as his warm voice and thrilling.

Of notable importance then is the scripted three episodes that airs in December 1965 when Aaron figure next to national actors, flower as Luigi Vannucchi, Lia Angeleri, Mario Bardella, Ileana Ghione, Davide Montemurri, Mario Feliciani, Claudio Gora, Renzo Palmer, Andrea Checchi, Renzo Montagnani and the very young Loretta Goggi. The work is "Vita di Dante", adapted by Giorgio Prosperi, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi.

In 1969-1970, Jackie fiorentino faces in the world of Director overseeing two jobs, one for television, another for the cinema. In 1969 in fact runs and interprets Jekyll, taken from the famous story "the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson. The following year instead completes the movie "Gradiva", starring alongside the young and beautiful Laura Antonelli. However, unlike the tv series, which turns out to be a success, the film has quite a few problems with the production and only comes out in some rooms, only to be permanently withdrawn from the market.

The actor back in style on television and in 1974 he took part in the hit television series "Philo Vance", wearing the clothes of the detective created by S.S. Van Dine. That same year at the movies, with "the night" by Tonino Cervi.

From then on, he devoted himself almost exclusively to the theater, even with some precious cameo cinema. On television back in 1989, with only one of his works, which is entitled "Gli angeli del potere".

In 1994 he founded and directed, together with the Association, the laboratory cities project Arts City of Volterra, which plasma dozens of actors, good form. With this theatre workshop, five years later, in 1999, will take the Argentinian writer Borges, in a work entitled "Tango with students". Meanwhile in 1996, faces in politics, likely in Parliament among the ranks of the Center and getting only 31% of the vote, enough to go to the room. The Northern League beats Carlo Frigerio. However, refers in his own way, in 1997, with "Verba Tango", music and poetry show that figure with the singer Giuni Russo.

In 2003 he was entrusted with the direction of the Teatro di Roma. While the year after being honored with the lifetime achievement Award Gassman. Giorgio Albertazzi in 2004 he worked with Dario Fo to a series of shows-lessons on the history of theater in Italy and Rai broadcasts after some time.

On 10 February 2006 puts also at the opening ceremony of the Turin Winter Olympics, playing the song of Ulysses (Dante Alighieri). A year later, on 12 December 2007, bride in Rome fiorentina Pia De ' Tolomei, younger of well 36 years.

In 2009, also to show their closeness to the people hit by the earthquake Aquila, record a reading for Rai 2, comes from the Divine Comedy set among the ruins of L'aquila's historic center.

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