Biography of Giorgio Bocca

Real Italian August 18, 1920
December 25, 2011

Who is Giorgio Bocca?

Giorgio Bocca is a true Dean of Italian journalists, one of the most popular and one of the beds.

It can be said that, together with the equally old Enzo Biagi, was considered a monument, a sacred monster of the press in our country although, due to his fierce style and free of concessions, often criticized and challenged (it would seem even more of the more illustrious colleague).

Missing the late Malik, in fact, Mouth remained one of the few journalists with that incomparable charisma, that moral rectitude unscratchable, and a personal story so dense that his every word becomes a subject of debate.

Mouth is remembered as a person able to move consciences, to create lively and fervent discussions, to say something that is not obvious and the Choir sang.

Born in Cuneo on August 18, 1920, Mouth participated in the evolution of Italian journalism from the first world war in which he chronicled. Having participated in the partisan war in justice and freedom has then taken the first steps, in the immediate post-war period, the sheet of the Organization, in Turin.

Subsequently his Chronicles have had to take account of the cold war and its repercussions, which created an internal climate of tension not indifferent also in Italy. Later Bocca was a witness and a polished storyteller of the so-called "Boom" of the years ' 60, which has combined social investigations and services of various kinds. Of course the mouth also crossed the difficult moments of the 70 's journalism, subjected to terrorist blackmail (many journalists were murdered), and torn by social demands and the prevailing economic crisis.

The stages of his career are these: Editor to "Gazzetta del Popolo", in 1954 in Milan is "European", then sent the "Day" by Enrico Mattei directed by Italo Pietra. In 1975 was one of the founders of "Republic", and, in addition to the newspaper columnist, takes on the "express" heading "antitaliano".

Fininvest networks, since 1983, has designed and conducted a series of journalistic programmes: "front page", "Actors", "2000", and "citizen power". He was also a commentator for "the record" and "broadcast news." In 1989 led to 5 Channel a journalistic investigation on Italian and international terrorism of the ' 70-' 80, entitled "the world of terror".

As historical witness of his time and has published numerous books with Mondadori, among which: "history of Italy", "partisan Palmiro Togliatti", "provincial", "The lost Traveler", "I want to get off!", "wrong century".

A card-Rai International, describes him thus: "in more than 80 years, Giorgio Bocca is still a fierce political and economic commentator. His horror against false goals and promises a fictitious Club doesn't seem to soften, or find that reassuring answers. Lashes out with force and a hint of fatalism against disease hidden from the white cloth of globalisation, which stripped of its beautiful surface reveals the meander of interest set in motion by a powerful and uncontrollable economic machine. Advocates for opening of signs of recovery, a return of political thought ".

Giorgio Bocca died in Milan on December 25, 2011 at the age of 91 years.

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