Biography of Isabel Allende

August 2, 1942
Isabel Allende was born on 2 August 1942 in Lima (Peru). The family is at this time in Lima, Peru, for business reasons. His mother, Francisca Llona Barros, divorced from his father, Tomás Allende, when the writer has only three years: Isabel will never know his father, who after the dissolution of marriage will vanish into thin air. Alone with three children and no job experience, the mother moved to Santiago de Chile, housed in the casa del nonno (then recalled in "the House of the spirits" in that of Esteban Trueba). With the help of his uncle Salvador Allende and through his influence, will not miss her and her brothers scholarships, clothes and entertainment.

Lively and restless child, during childhood spent at the home of grandparents learn to read and to feed their imagination with readings taken from his grandfather's library, but also books that she says she found in a trunk inherited from his father, containing collections of Jules Verne and Emilio Salgari. The imagination of small feeds also of romance novels, listened to the radio in the kitchen along with the orderlies and especially spooky Tales from Grandpa or Grandma, the latter characterized by a propensity towards the mysteries of spiritualism.

These whimsical and wonderful years break in 1956, when the mother marries another diplomat. Given the particular nature of that profession, the diplomatic note, the couple began to travel and stays in various countries. The experiences in Bolivia, Europe and Lebanon will reveal the little dreamer a world other than that in which it is grown. Isabel Allende will live on your skin the first experiences of sexual discrimination. Although the readings: read books of philosophy, Freud knows and tragedies of Shakespeare. Poking in his stepfather's room, he finds a "forbidden book" that will be his major literary influences: hidden in a wardrobe that reads "the thousand and one nights".

At the age of 15 years, wanting independence, returned to Santiago and 17 years began working as a Secretary at the "information Department", an Office of FAO. In 19 years married with Miguel Frías (1962), with whom she had two sons: Nicholás and Paula.

At this time leads to the world of journalism with the theatrical experience will be your best training element. Before entering the field of television, leading a fifteen-minute program on the tragedy of hunger in the world; then writes for Paula women's magazine (1967-1974) and the children's magazine Mampato (1969-1974). Television is committed on the Channel 7 from 1970 to 1974. Isabel Allende won fame in the 1960s, thanks to the book "Los impertinentes" that her friend Delia Vergara reserves inside the Paula magazine. Since then she has never ceased to decant the journalism as writing school and humility.

The September 11, 1973 military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet ends another phase of life of Allende. The evolution of facts obliges it to enter for the first time actively in the political life of his country: the writer undertakes on behalf of persecuted by the regime by finding them political asylum, safe havens and then filter the country news. The dictatorial regime allows to partner again with the national television, but soon decides to quit the job because he realizes that the military Government is using. Then decides to emigrate and followed in short by her husband and children, stops for thirteen years in Venezuela, where he writes for various newspapers.

In fact, autoesiliatasi begins to write to vent their anger and grief. Thus was born the first novel, rejected by all Latin American Publishers by being signed by a name not only unknown, but even female. In the fall of 1982 "the House of the spirits", a family Chronicle in the background of political and economic change in Latin America is published in Barcelona by Plaza y Janés. The raging success initially in Europe and from there passes in the United States: the numerous translations in various languages make known the writer in many parts of the world. Since then, inanellerà a success after another, starting with "of love and shadows" until Paula, passing for "Eva Luna".

In 45 years Isabel Allende divorces her husband and marries 1988 secondly with William Gordon who know when traveling to San José, in the United States. The story of the life of the new writer's boyfriend inspires a new novel that was published in 1991 under the title "The infinite plane".

Many critics have referred to the work of Isabel Allende as a collage of ideas and situations drawn from his colleagues. But one of the most persistent criticism is that of constant comparison with Gabriel García Márquez and, in fact, a certain influence of the Colombian writer is undeniable, since it is still considered a landmark for the new generation of Latin American writers.

You can not fail to mention the fact that the book-confession "Paula" is an account of the tragedy that struck the Allende. Paula, in fact, is none other than the daughter of the writer, died on 6 December 1992 a rare and incurable disease after spending a long time comatose.

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