Biography of Lucia Annunziata

At the service of the public service August 8, 1950

Who is: Lucia Annunziata

Lucia Annunziata was born in Sarno, Salerno, on 8 August 1950. Author and presenter, is above all a prominent journalist, familiar face of Rai for over twenty years. Grown in a row of newspapers left and, then, of the center-left, entered the history of public television company when, in 2003, took over as President of Rai, only woman after the former Mayor of Milan and Education Minister, Letizia Moratti.

After thirteen years in Bell town, little Lucy, with his family, moved to Salerno, where he enrolled at the Liceo Torquato Tasso. Already in these years reveals his intellectual brilliance, becoming noted for his skill and dedication. Anyway, young Abdulla transfer suffers in the great city of Naples, where initially he enrolled at the University, at the Faculty of history and philosophy. He graduated in Salerno, where he returns, with a thesis on State funding for the South and the labor movement.

Are the early 70 's, very lively, and the future journalist pays the duty of his youth, marrying too early and without proper conviction. However, this period also binds the experience, exciting and revolutionary for large stretches, with the daily newspaper "il Manifesto". In 1972 Attilio wedding Wanderlingh, napoletano, intellectual, political leader with whom he shares several years ago the main student-level fights before, and then University. Early, undoubtedly, together with transfer in Sardinia, in the beautiful Sant'Antioco. Their home also becomes one of the headquarters of the "Manifesto", composed of students, professionals and workers, and teachers, among which appear, at least at the beginning of her professional career, the beautiful Lucia.

Meanwhile he teaches at middle school of Teulada, exactly from 1972 to 1974. Two years after coming from a professional journalist suitability, which opens up many opportunities, especially abroad. Meanwhile, ends the marriage with Wanderlingh, which returns to Naples to take part in the adventure of another very important newspaper: "l ' Unità". Lucia Annunziata then moved to Rome where he came more and more into the experience with "his", a daily close time, and indeed born, as a newspaper linked to the extra-parliamentary experiences of those turbulent years ' 70. He Gad Lerner, who was one of the masterminds of the well known newspaper "Lotta Continua", and takes part in many events related to workers and left even more extreme.

The turning point, for her, are above all States. Becomes first to "Il Manifesto" and then for "La Repubblica", an Envoy abroad. For the newspaper "red" is America correspondent, especially from New York and Washington, where he worked on American International Affairs. For the journal of Eugenio Scalfari instead, since 1981, the year in which comes the "call" to his court, follows until 1988 the events of Central and Latin America. 9. There are few situations in which limit is working, as the revolution in Nicaragua, salvadoriana civil war, the invasion of Grenada and the fall of dictator Duvalier in Haiti, in addition to another puzzling and dramatic event like the Mexican earthquake.

For the Republic, also after some rimbrotti received from Scalfari, because of his "participation" to some revolutionary events, especially in the way of telling rich in emphasis and sometimes winking, also becomes Middle East correspondent, based in Jerusalem.

She has always been passionate about North American culture, in 1988 the journalist his "wedding bell", the reporter Daniel Williams, reporter for the Washington Post. According to the Chronicles, the wedding feast is taking place at a New York club to complete 250 guests. Someone also tells of a bouquet of flowers sent to three meters tall bride and signed by Senator Giulio Andreotti. Antonia was born, with American nationality, of course, but just as true, Bell takes his mother.

The year 1991 is an equally important for the Annunziata. She is, in fact, the only journalist to get into occupied Kuwait during the first Gulf war. On that occasion, for his services but also for the commitment made previously in the Middle East, the Sarno professional wins the ambitious Journalism Award "Max David" for special envoys. She is the first woman to receive it, but the award leaves no shadows on the impartiality of the decision: "for matches from the Middle East, the occupied territories and Lebanon. Articles for sobriety and lack of prejudice ".

Two years after the journalist also receives the prestigious Niemann Fellowship from Harvard University for a master's degree a year on u.s. foreign policy. In 1993, his work becomes fixed for the Corriere della Sera and return stateside. The experience is important to open the doors of public television. Begins to contribute to Rai in 1995, with the program "Linea tre" for Raitre, that network will be forever stuck as a kindly, hallmark.

The 8 August 1996 (on his birthday) became Director of Tg3, but the experience ends within a few months, with a letter of resignation to then President Enzo Siciliano, the great writer and Director of the historical magazine "Nuovi Argomenti", that little or nothing will last at the top of the network and public television company.

Meanwhile, publishes a book much discussion, entitled "The crack". The investigation is focused on the tragedy of the flood that hit his city in Sarno, of birth and, in the book, contains a number of allegations against the culprits, he said, of conniving is that relief delays in rebuilding. With "crack" the journalist wins award in 1999 Cimitile.

An important moment, even from the entrepreneurial point of view, is 2000, when Lucia Annunziata he founded and directed the news agency APBiscom, company that fuses Associated Press and Ebiscom. On 13 March 2003 on the other hand, the second woman after Letizia Moratti, was named President of RAI. Initially, the Chairmen of the House and Senate, Marcello Pera and Pier Ferdinando Casini, advocate the name of Paolo Mieli, then at the top of via Solferino. However, poorly digested the anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls of the Rai in Milan, and steps aside. So the ball goes to former leader: 1968 is a historic time for sure, for the company.

However, the mandate lasts very little. On 4 May 2004, has not drawn the dislikes of Sabina Guzzanti, who trims an unforgettable imitation, the journalist gives his resignation from Office. The stranglehold Berlusconi seems to have brought it to an end.

Passes to the newspaper "La Stampa", where he became a columnist. A year later, in 2006, back in RAI, to lead the format "In .5 h" (half-hour), lucky and followed program aired on the third channel, in which the presenter calls into question the politics and personalities of Italian public life, incalzandoli with a series of direct questions and related to current events. Is held every Sunday afternoon.

On 15 January 2009, invited as a commentator to note "AnnoZero" hosted by Michele Santoro, does not hold back from accusing his friend and colleague for having focused the theme of the evening too pro-Western Palestinian interpretation, leaving the broadcast.

From 28 March 2011 also leads on Rai3 broadcast "power". At the same time he was arrested and then released after a few days, her husband and journalist Daniel Williams, sent in Egypt during the "Arab spring". Is always of his book 2011 "power in Italy".

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