Biography of Oscar Giannino

Economics and politics under the microscope September 1, 1961

Who is Oscar Giannino?

Oscar Fulvio Giannino was born on September 1, 1961 in Turin. After starting the political activity in the Pri, Italian Republican party, he became Secretary of the Youth Federation in 1984. In Office for three years in 1987, gives up the role to become spokesman and member of the National Executive: tasks that will leave in 1994. Meanwhile becomes a journalist, writing in "La Voce Repubblicana," party newspaper where he became managing editor in 1988. Enrolled at an Association of journalists in 1992, working on "Liberal" monthly, Folio of the Foundation created by Ferdinando Adornato, not before he abandoned the Republican party in 1995.

He became Deputy Director of "Liberal", transformed over time into a weekly, in 1999 Oscar Giannino is appointed head of the business pages of "Il Foglio," newspaper directed by Giuliano Ferrara who often called the country's political agenda. In 2004, then, Giannino leaves the Elephant and moves to the "reformist", where he was appointed vice director Antonio Polito.

The following year he is the protagonist on the small screen, host of "back-and-forth", deepening political program broadcast on Raiuno after news of 20; in the publishing field, instead, is called the Deputy Directorate of "Finance & markets". Undertaken a partnership with "free" newspaper, directed by Vittorio Feltri, becomes-3 May 2007-Director of "LiberoMercato", annex newspaper financial and economic, but leaves less than two years later, in February 2009, laid off as a result of differences with the Publisher.

Card recovery of the Republican party in 2007 (after signing, the year before, the manifesto of the Liberal reformers), becomes a member of the National Council (and in 2011 will arrive to the national leadership of the party). Meanwhile, in collaboration with the Istituto Bruno Leoni, gives rise to "", opinions and information portal in which it shall consider, along with other journalists and insiders, economic and political issues.

After the press and tv, then, comes the time of radio: from June 2009, in fact, Gandhi leads "nine o'clock, the version of Oscar" program aired at 9:00 am from Monday to Friday on Radio 24, radio of the Sun 24 hours. Columnist for "am" and "Panorama" and co-editor of the monthly "Cape Horn", the journalist becomes President in 2011 on a No Committee about the referendum on the privatization of water.

Member, inter alia, of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation Italy Usa, Giannino devotes much of his spare time to helping cancer patients, after developing a deep sensitivity on the subject being involved in the first person by the disease.

Columnist for "Rid", "Il Gazzettino" and "the Messenger", in Brindisi, Daisy wedding 2011 in Rome, in a civil ceremony officiated by Giorgia Meloni, the then Minister for youth policy.

Among the publications of Gandhi included "Dc's foreign policy (1982)," The Europe of cultures "(1996)," against taxes. Why reduce the taxes you can, you have to and it's not right "(2007).

In July of 2012 promotes the founding of the movement (not political) titled "stop the decline". In December announced on YouTube through a video that movement becomes in fact a political party named "Make"; a few days later, at the beginning of the new year announces his candidacy for President of the Council of Ministers, however a few days before the election, the news spreads that Gandhi would have lied about their academic credentials (this is a master placed on curriculum actually never achieved). Giannino has confirmed that he has never received nor master nor the two degrees conferred on it, explaining the episode as a misunderstanding: the February 20, 2013 announces his resignation as President to do but run for the elections.

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