Carmen Consoli biography

Confusa e felice September 4, 1974

Who is Carmen Consoli?

Carmela Carla consuls, now known by the name of Carmen Consoli, born September 4, 1974 in San Giovanni La Punta, province of Catania, by Maria Rosa and Raymond Chan. Precocious talent, took as especially by his father, great guitar player who passed on the rudiments of music.

Already starting from fourteen years Carmen was a veritable force of nature. The public, despite his young age, gave her no subjection has always found at ease on stage, how people could testify they heard late into the night singing in pubs and clubs in Catania with a group called "Moon's dog party". A budding rock star life that ill accord with school commitment, although a good Carmen has always done everything to comply with it (he attended the Institute of accountancy with programming address).

Finally in 1995, called by Cyclops Records, he worked for the creation of a Franco Battiato tribute cd (titled "Battiato Battiato"), singing "the animal". His voice is unmistakable and is quite impressed with anyone who has had the opportunity to hear it the first time. In 1995 he participated in Sanremo giovani with the song "how I feel", presented by countryman Pippo Baudo. He had already enrolled at the University in Languages and had prepared 3 exams, but in 1996 the call comes in Sanremo, where he presented the song "plastic Love", written in collaboration with Mario Venuti, and forget about studying.

Francesco Virlinzi, producer and founder of Cyclope Records, after the first Sanremo produced his first cd, released in 1996, and in the same year the video "plastic Love" and "rattlesnake" Language.

After the huge success of Carmen recurs in Sanremo in 1997 with the song "Confusa e felice" has become a workhorse and will also be used as soundtrack of the perfume spot RoccoBarocco.

The second solo album, released in the wake of the great success achieved by the single firm confirmation position that Carmen has reached the hearts of many fans, so much so that wins the much longed-for Platinum. A recognition that for an Italian artist is a rarity.

In 1998 it is time a Duet with Mario Venuti, former leader of the now non-existent Denovo group. The title is "Mai come ieri": the launch of the piece is accompanied by a video clip, what is also not so obvious for local artists, who suffer from chronic lack of means and resources.

In the same year sees the light the third cd, "Mildly hysterical", the title that will bring better luck and that will be celebrated on a tour throughout Italy. Between 1998 and 1999 also produces three videos from the songs of this album ("bésame Giuda", 1998; "Eco di sirene", 1999; "Sweet Autumn", 1999).

Meanwhile, after tiring of that year so intense, the catanese singer takes a break for reflection and defects of the 1998 editions sanremesi and 1999, returning to prominence at the turn of 2000 with "black and white", always well placed in the Italian charts.

Despite extensive success as a soloist, Carmen has never forgotten the collaborations, a "practice" that singer-songwriter particularly intense prefers. Numerous artists who have had the honor of having her next: Besides the already mentioned Mario Venuti, in the list are The Crus, Irene LaMedica, Paola Turci, Natalie Merchant, Lula, Marco Parente, New bandits, Frances Lake and others.

Her fifth cd "State of necessity" has enjoyed a more international launches, including a version specifically designed for the French market in which, for example, there are versions of "naughty girl" (which becomes "Gamine impertinente"), "Parole di burro" (turned into "Narcise"), and a cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "JE suis venu te dire que je m'en vais".

Later works were "the amphitheatre and the bambina impertinente" (2001, live with orchestra), "the exception" (2002), "Un sorso in più" (2003, live at MTV Supersonic), "Eva contro Eva" (2006), "the man who loves" – original soundtrack to the film (2008), "Electra" (2009).

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