Salma Hayek biography

Bella vita September 2, 1966

Who is Salma Hayek?

Mexican, interpreter for a long time several successful telenovelas and now beautiful actress, Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez was born in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, September 2, 1966, daughter of a businessman of Lebanese origin and an opera singer.

Twelve years is expelled from College of sisters in Louisiana where her parents sent her to study, not low issues to school, and his bravado and excessive exuberance.

After attended high school in Houston, Salma he enrolled at the University of Mexico City to study international relations but soon abandons the courses to chase the dream of becoming an actress. Took its first steps into the world of theatre debuting in the role of Jasmine in an adaptation of "Aladdin's lamp"; later appeared in many commercials and then joined the cast of "Nueva Amanecer", a tv series followed in Mexico instead.

Shortly after body is chosen to play the title role in the soap opera ' Teresa ' and soon becomes one of the most popular actresses of the Mexican television. She dreams about the cinema, so at age twenty-one, he moved to Los Angeles to perfect her English and especially to study acting with Stella Adler.

In 1993 finally gets a small role in the film by Allison Anders, "Mi vida loca" (unfortunately unpublished in Italy), but it was only in 1995 that Salma is noticed by the general public, thanks to participation in "Desperado" by Robert Rodriguez, alongside Antonio Banderas (who, it is rumored, would have had a brief passion off the set). Always directed by Rodriguez, participates in "Four Rooms" (1995) and appears as vampire dancer in "from dusk till dawn" (1996). All over roles that make it popular among fans of action and horror movies.

In 1997 she got her first starring role in the comedy "tequila and Apple-a mad love affair with surprise", while in 1999 appears in "Studio 54", science fiction western "Wild Wild West", in the horror "The Faculty" and the nostalgic "no one writes to the Colonel," proving to be able to move among genres with great aplomb.

After playing Lola in the film by Antonio Cuadri "the big life," Salma plays the role of Frida Kahlo in Julie Taymor's latest work "Frida", presented in competition at the 59th Mostra d'Arte Cinematografica in Venice. The film gives an enormous success and allows her to win the nomination as best actress.

A little curiosity on its overwhelming charm: Salma is also able to enter the Pantheon of women who populate male dreams: in 1996, in fact, the "People" magazine has included in the ranking of the 50 most beautiful women of the planet.

On February 14, 2009 joins in marriage to the French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, owner of the Empire PPR (Gucci, Christie's, Puma and other luxury brands). The couple has a baby girl, named Valentina Paloma.

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