Biography of Jacqueline Bisset

Screen Lady September 13, 1944

Who is Jacqueline Bisset?

It's the woman that has populated the erotic dreams of millions of people, although now that has some age its reputation as a Maneater is outclassed by more aggressive young starlets. Lately she was chosen for the roles chaste and committed as the mother of Joan of arc or Jesus of Nazareth. But, beyond his reputation as a female specimen from the strong sensuality and subtle erotic charge, intangible and inexorable, Jaqueline Bisset also be remembered for his role within the history of cinema.

Perfect because of its innate class to interpret upper-class women maybe a little frivolous and flawed, its image is likely to be tied to this cliché, while it should be remembered that this certainly impeccable lady has worked alongside film giants like Chabrol, Truffaut, John Huston or our Comencini and Mario Monicelli.

Born in Weybridge, England, September 13, 1944, Winifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset is the youngest daughter of Max Fraser Bisset, doctor, and Arlette Alexander, French lawyer that after marriage and relocation to England has ceased to exercise the profession.

During the war he went to live with his parents and older brother in a 16th-century cottage near Reading. At fifteen must mature quickly and prove a great fortitude when forced to take care of his mother, suffering from a severe form of multiple sclerosis.

After attending the Lycée Français in 18 years, he moved to London (it is the time when the 1960s touch the apex), where just by working as a model.

It is beautiful and the cinema soon to notice her.

He debuted in "the knack" (Richard Lester, 1965), followed a little later "Cul de Sac".

Replace Mia Farrow alongside Frank Sinatra for "dangerous Investigation" (Gordon Douglas, 1968) and in the same year the actor binds sentimentalmente Michael Sarrazin in which runs several movies, including "Jackie, girl of Greenwich Village" (Stuart Hagmann, 1971).

It was already the daughter of Judge Roy Bean-Paul Newman ("the man from the seven capestri", John Huston, 1972) and the neighbor of an enterprising Jean-Paul Belmondo ("how to destroy the reputation of the greatest secret agent in the world", Philippe de Broca, 1973), when Francois Truffaut gives the role of Julie Baker-Pamela in "day for night" (1973). And with that character as well as Truffaut, enchants audiences internationally.

After the end of the love affair with Michael Sarrazin, in 1974 he falls in love with Victor Drai, film producer, soon replaced in her heart by Alexander Godunov. On the threshold of forty years, and you start to receive a Golden Globe nomination for "under the volcano" (John Huston, 1983), continues to demonstrate his distaste for the wedding that will be called "the most beautiful maid in Hollywood". A very special spinster who in 1997 is the love between the reassuring arms of a martial arts instructor, Emin Boztepe.

On the big screen, when you deal with his love life, is followed by two strange waiters in "scenes from the class struggle in Beverly Hills" (Paul Bartel, 1989). Fun atmosphere, very different from those of "La cérémonie" (Claude Chabrol, 1995), where, of course, fictional will pay with their lives for the "fault" of being a very rich Lady.

Jaqueline Bisset throughout his long career has resulted in a range of characters who, despite the discretion inherent to his way of doing things, have left a subtle but deep in our collective imagination.

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