Biography of Lucilla Agosti

Music, fashion, art and TV September 8, 1978

Who is Lucilla Agosti?

Lucilla Agosti was born in Milan on September 8, 1978. Daughter of the philosopher Silvano Agosti, after studying Theatre began working as an actress, starring in a production of "the odd couple", a famous play by Neil Simon. Later confronts one of the first network test, at the time of the founding of the issuer, and is chosen to lead "blue" program dedicated to music and Italian artists.

In the summer of 2004 leads some evenings live: the Main Stage at Arezzo Wave Love Festival and the final night of the competition "Voci tomorrow." Lucilla Agosti also conducts "Space Girls" on Happy Channel and "Guelfi e Ghibellini" on Rai Due.

With the birth of the new music All Music tv network, leaving the Blue music to move to deal with fashion and lifestyle, at the helm of "All Sets".

Then get film roles in short films and feature films, appearing in the films "the fever" (2005, by Alessandro d'alatri, with Fabio Volo), and "Il mercante di pietre" (2006, by Renzo Martinelli), and short films "stolen words" (2004) and "divine encounters of orgasm" (2005), both directed by Barbara Conti. In 2007 is in the cast of "Mah" (directed by Ugo Tiralaltro) and in 2008 in "Il seme della discordia" (directed by Pappi Corsicato).

Lucilla Meanwhile continues to work in various programs of All Music: "ranking of ...", where celebrities interview revealing their musical preferences, "Flycase", that accompanies musical guests to discover a nation culturally and musically, and finally "all naked", where dressed as geisha commented amateur stripper performances.

In 2007 she appeared with Ale e Franz "right first time", sit-1 Italy show based entirely on improvisation. In the same year he moved to Radio Monte Carlo also as conductor of RMC Magazine, along with Max Valdez.

The beginning of 2008 sees land on Rai Uno: the Festival of Sanremo 2008 alongside Elio e le storie tese the Post-festival. On All Music is instead in the new comedy-talk "anomalous Blond". Is chosen as the host of Festivalbar 2008, paired with Teo Mammucari, but the demonstration is then cancelled.

In April of 2009 leads on Rai Due "Academy" a new talent show entirely dedicated to dance, imported from the United States.