Elisabetta Canalis biography

The grit is female September 12, 1978

Who is Elizabeth Hurley?

Elisabetta Canalis was born in Sardinia, Sassari, September 12, 1978. The father is the primary and radiologist Professor, his mother a Professor of letters at school. Elizabeth obtained a diploma at the Liceo "Azuni" in his city, then he continued his studies in Milan, where he moved. He enrolled in the Bachelor of science in foreign languages and literature at the State University. Meanwhile, try to make the most of its beauty by participating in various casting, including the film "Il pesce innamorato", by Leonardo Pieraccioni.

The year when realizes that the chances to enter the magical world of the star system is the 1999: is chosen as valletta footnote television review of the Telegatti; carries out a spot for the candy M & M's and finally was chosen as the tissue much followed the transmission "Striscia la notizia". Until 2002 will be "la velina mora" (alongside the "blonde" Maddalena Corvaglia, which will become dear friend) and this role will be-as many others before and after her – a crucial springboard for his future career.

Do not go more than a few days from the end of the good experience of "Strip" that GQ magazine called Elisabetta Canalis e Maddalena Corvaglia to create a calendar. A year later comes the opportunity to create 12 shots for another calandario: to win the exclusive pictures of beautiful thanks to Elizabeth is the monthly Max.

Then participates to two evening editions of the sports programme "Controcampo" on Italy 1. Then comes the important film debut in in the fourth series of the drama "Carabinieri" (broadcast on Canale 5).

In 2003, paired with Federica Fontana, participates in the comic "Ciro presenta Visitors"; the following year, is a "Super Ciro", Italy 1.

The lead roles are coming: it starts in 2004 with the music video for "living together", a song by Silverchair; in 2005 she starred together with Fabio De Luigi in the second series of the sitcom "Love Bugs" (she is the girlfriend who in the first series was Michelle Hunziker).

Much talk in recent years is its long love affair with the footballer Christian Vieri (after which, Elisabeth will tattoo the phrase "Pain is love"). Later Elizabeth wants to get serious: so to prepare for duty invests in its future and fly to the United States to study acting and English language.

Then appears in two films: "Deuce Bigalow-European Gigolo" (2005) by Mike Bigelow, with Rob Schneider, and "Decameron" (2007) by David Leland, although on both occasions she played small parts.

In 2006 he took part in the film "Christmas in New York", by Neri Parenti, where she plays the daughter of Christian De Sica; with the latter at the same time turning some spots of the Tim-whose two testimonial-entering and repeated pounding into people's homes.

With the start of the 2006/2007 football season-and after a short affair with Gabriele Muccino-back alongside Sandro Piccinini in Controcampo-last minute ".

In 2007 is permanent fixture alongside Forest Mage, who leads the entertaining program "Mai dire Martedì", of Gialappa's band.

Now artistically mature, is entrusted with the important task of conducting the 2007 edition of Festivalbar, alongside Garner and Enrico Silvestrin. Sports, football-loving, Elizabeth enjoy practicing Kickboxing. He is also a fan of Eminem, so much so that in the past has made her name tattooed on his arm, then camouflaged by drawing a rose necklace.

During the summer before the start of the 2007/2008 edition of "Controcampo-last minute", spread the news of a likely relationship with motorcycle champion Valentino Rossi, news that the two were able to deny with great smiles have fun. Summer 2009 sees the center of gossip due to association with George Clooney, first to Rome and then to the House of Laglio (Como Lake) owned by the actor. The love story is then revealed, however it only lasts two years, until June of 2011, when the couple gives news of the end of their relationship through a statement released in London.

In September 2014 is joined in marriage to Brian Perri, American surgeon: the wedding is held in the Cathedral.