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Abuse is using excessive, unfair, disadvantage or improper about something or someone. The authority, on the other hand, is power, power, and the Faculty of one or one who governs or who shall exercise that command.
However, we can say that abuse of authority occurs when a superior or an officer exceeds any measure in the exercise of his duties to a subordinate or a dependent.
There is abuse of authority from the moment where the person having access to a workstation uses features that were attributed to him to satisfy his personal interests instead of fulfilling its actual obligations.
On the other hand, the security forces exercise abuse of authority when they exaggerate and exceed in the use of violence as well as in their mission. This kind of abuse happens when the police stop someone without justification and without even giving them the possibility to express themselves or to defend themselves. In these cases, it can be also abuse of power or abuse of force.
Faced with such situations, abuse of authority complaints are usually brought by non-governmental organizations for the defence of human rights.
For criminal law, abuse of authority is any abuse committed by someone having public powers which, in its management framework, performs actions inconsistent with the duties imposed by the Act, whose consequences are prejudicial material or moral persons.
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