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The administration concerning the effectiveness and functioning of organizations. The term derives from the latin ad-ministrare ('serve') or ad manus trahere ('lead' or 'manage'). A resource, on the other hand, is a means of any kind that helps to achieve what we want.
The administration of resources thus consists of the management effective means said, which can be also many tangible and intangible, the goal is that they allow to satisfy the interests.
People, money, technology and even time may be considered, depending on the context, resources that could be administered. The correct distribution of functions (or roles) of each of these resources contributes to that the operability of the whole is more effective and efficient.
The administration of human resources is one of the most important areas of a company. This Department is responsible to recruit, hire, train and retain employees of an organization.
The role of the human resources administration (which may belong to a single person or a Department) is to motivate and encourage workers to give the best of themselves so that they can all work in unison and harmony towards corporate objectives.
Internal leadership, communication, teamwork and negotiation skills are some of the factors that the administration of human resources must meet.
Let us not forget that resources are finite and that they must make service and be useful for virtually infinite needs. The administration of resources is therefore essential and even the key to success.
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