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The amoral Word is an adjective that can be applied to a person or a human work. When the term concerning an individual, it is that he is qualified as devoid of moral sense. On the other hand, if it is applied to a (usually artwork), told that his remarks ignore a moral end.
An amoral person, i.e., someone who thinks or acts differently from what the company considers appropriate or correct. Amoral conduct is not morally censurable nor desirable, because it is considered since external parameters to moral principles.
That said, it must not confuse amoral and immoral. An immoral action is directly opposed to morals and good habits/practices. This is a negative and incorrect behavior. An amoral person, on the other hand, is indifferent to the requirements morales, reason why it is not able to judge acts as being good, bad, right or wrong.
Amorality is defended by Taoism, whereby morals corrupts humans since it forced him to make positive things while he is not prepared to do this and it prohibited to do negative things even if it should make the experience does is to understand the impact of his actions.
So for the Taoists, moral prejudice to the nature of the human being and occurs by mistrust and fear of others. After this philosophy, humanity should not submit to laws that are designed to govern its behavior.
Finally, there is mention that Amoral is the name of a death metal band that was formed in Helsinki (Finland) in the year 1997.
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