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Apnea is a disease of the respiratory system whose symptom is temporary cessation of breathing for at least ten seconds. According to its characteristics, this difficulty can be divided into three types: obstructive (determined by a respiratory effort generated by the absence of respiration), Central (produced by the lack of effort as well that of the respiratory signal) and mixed (combination of Central apnea and the obstructive).
This syndrome is also defined as obstructive sleep apnea to the extent that it occurs while the person who suffers is sleeping. For this reason, it is common that those who are affected by this evil fail to relax quietly, since, in the absence of oxygen, the brain is forced to interrupt sleep to be able to recover the respiratory rhythm. Headaches (headaches) morning, pulmonary hypertension and heart problems are some of the ailments caused by apnea.
Among the treatments for apnea, we will retain the provision continues to pressure air (air injection that eliminates the blockage using a compressor, a pipe and a mask), Orthotics of Mandibular Advancement (they are effective if the origin of the obstruction is the base of the tongue) and surgeries (an otorhinolaryngologue must consider whether or not surgery is recommended).
On the other hand, the term apnea is the name of a sport that is to delve into the depths of the sea to your lungs, that is, without traditional equipment such as the tuba. Taking into account its peculiarities, this activity requires great power of mental relaxation, healthy eating, an excellent hydration, developed reflexes and enough training in environments of Anoxia.
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