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Autism is a pathological personality on oneself tuck. For Psychiatry, he is a schizophrenic symptom which is to relate to the own person everything that is happening around her. In medicine, autism is a childish syndrome characterized by congenital inability to make verbal and emotional contact with others. The person with autism needs to preserve its absolutely stable surroundings.
In other words, autism is a developmental disorder of the brain that impairs communication and social interaction of people, causing restricted and repetitive behavior.
Normally, the characteristics of autism appear during the first three years of childhood and continue throughout life. Although there is neither cure nor definitive solution, a proper care helps promote a relatively normal development, insofar as it minimizes all considered inappropriate behaviours.
The statistics indicate that autism reached between two and ten people on 10,000 inhabitants, used diagnostic criterion. This disorder reaches four times more men than women. Although it is unclear the cause in most cases, many specialists consider that autism is the result of a any environmental factor that interacts with genetic susceptibility.
Autism occurs more or less intensely: the more mild forms, such as Asperger syndrome can be imperceptible and is often confused with shyness or eccentricity. On the other hand, the harsher cases include a total absence of language (the word) and extremely repetitive, self-defeating and aggressive behaviour.
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