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The basketball or basketball (Word of English origin) is a sport where qualified two teams of five players each. They need to manipulate the ball with hands. The objective is to introduce the ball in the hoop of the basket of the opponent team, that is 3.05 metres in height. This is the reason why basketball is played by large enough people.
This game was invented by Canadian physical education teacher James Naismith, in December 1891. Naismith wanted to meet a need: create an activity that can be practiced by young people in a covered place (a gym) during the winter.
And so was born the basketball matches, these days, have a duration of 40 minutes (four periods of 10 minutes each). The exception to this rule is the American National Basketball Association (NBA), considered the best in the world, where the game lasts 48 minutes (four periods of 12 minutes). It is worth mentioning that there are several different rules between the NBA and the International Federation of Basketball (FIBA), the body which governs the sport internationally.
The marked baskets are not worth all the same in the score. The most common is double (it is worth two points). When players are outside the line 6.25 meters from the basket (7.24 meters for the NBA) and they manage to score a basket, the score is three (triple) points. On the other hand, if a foul is committed on a player at a time when it is preparing to shoot, he obtained the right to shoot a free throw, without opposition. In this case, the given basket reports only one point.
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