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Means Bay sea entry into the coast, has a sizeable extension. It is a geographic feature similar characteristics to those of the golf, which is a portion of sea between two capes.
Are large arrays while the more narrow bays are called fiords. The notion of Bay opposes peninsula and Cape, which are portions of land sinking into water.
It is appropriate to say that a Bay is a water inlet all surrounded by land with the exception of one side, where there is an opening. It has the form of a concavity on the coastal line, created from the movement of the waves of the sea.
Given their natural characteristics, the berries have a high economic and social importance insofar as they involve the construction of ports in order to accommodate boats.
In another context, but with the same logic, a Bay can be an opening in a wall, a door or a window. The bais glass, for example, are large openings in ice in buildings and modern offices.
Furthermore, a Bay is any fleshy fruit containing directly seeds, just like the currant or bilberry, for example.
Then, a Bay is a piece of furniture used to assemble electronic systems.

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