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From latin bellicosus, the warlike term is an adjective that allows to designate all that concerns or belongs to the war. A warlike conflict (or war/military), for example, is an armed conflict that suggests the magnitude of the events.
UNA war is a battle, a struggle, a battle, a clash or a brawl. What is belligerent necessarily committed violence. A belligerent person is aggressive or pugnacious, and seeks confrontation at any price.
Policy may be too, confrontational. Many analysts consider that American president George W. Bush's foreign policy has been belligerent, i.e., conflicting, given that, under its mandate, the country has been involved in many wars.
International relations, since antiquity, were always marked by the wars. It's a little civilised way of dirimer disputes, but which stands out by pressures of any kind. The power of destruction of arms (arms) current fact that every war involves the death of thousands or even millions of people.
The warlike (war) films are those which the argument is based on a war. The most famous war movies are those that have to do with the second World War (the the bloodiest armed conflict, having 50 million deaths), although there are other conflicts having resumed at the cinema.
There are many classes of war: the civil war includes the inhabitants of the same people, preventive war is started by a country with the argument that another nation is in the imminence of attack it, the dirty war is one that is conducted outside of any legal framework and holy war is the bellicose conflict that takes place for religious reasons.
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