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The bibliography is the description and knowledge of books. It is the science that deals with the study of reference texts. That said, the bibliography includes the catalogue accounts belonging or related to a given topic.
A writer may allude to the bibliography to refer to a document which it uses or which he used as a source in its work of drafting or to cite content, although it did not use in his work, can complement and enrich what he wrote insofar as they bring more information to the final work presented.
In the first case, we can speak of enumerative or textual bibliography. This type of bibliography includes a system of signs associated with the texts. On the other hand, the analytical, sociological or historical bibliography focuses on the interpretation of the concepts.
The bibliography can offer an overview of all publications concerning a certain theme or belonging to the same category. Thus, there is the bibliography which brings all the works published by the same author, the bibliography that includes publications in a given country or the bibliography focused over a period of time, for example.
Writers, especially those engaged in scientific subjects or non-fictional domain, need to manage bibliographic references criteria to cite the sources of information used in their work. In general, these references are at the bottom of the page or at the end of the book. They allow not only the reader with access to the original source cited by the author but also to cross-check information.
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