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Cabin, from the latin capanna ("hut, cottage"), is a rustic building which is made with poor materials and which is often used to housing for the poorest people. The cabin are generally built with wood and reeds. Examples: "arriving in the country, I had to settle into a hut that had no running water or electricity", "the police raided the hut of the tramp who has been accused of having vandalized a shop", "until I can find a better job, we still have to live in this poor hut.
The concept of cabin is usually applied to housing in rural areas. In the middle ages, the cabins were designed to House/House farmers and referred also to the ground as well as to the barn to the House. This term, in some Latin American countries, is used to refer to the rural property where one raises purebred cattle.
At present, the term cabin is also used to make reference to the houses built for tourist purposes and which are intended for rest and recreation. Unlike the original meaning, in this case, the concept does not refer to precarious dwellings, but rather to luxury cabins (also referred to as cottages) with a variety of amenities and services: "this summer, I will spend my vacation in a cabin on the banks of the river", "my family has rented a cabin with swimming pool to spend the weekend."
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