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The concept of calculation concerning the art of calculating. Our approach will focus on numerical computation and logic, that is, computing. It is worth mentioning that the calculation contains scientific knowledge and methods.
These automated information systems are accessible through specific instruments that are designed precisely for this purpose, namely computers. Moreover, the numeric calculator expression is synonymous with computer.
The calculation, according to experts, originated more than three hundred years, at the time of the first machinery devoted to the calculation tasks. In 1623 Wilhelm Schickard invented the first mechanical calculator.
However, it was in the 1940s that appeared computers capable of performing multiple operations (not limited to the mathematical calculations). Use solid and home of these machines is quite recent (80 years), with the production of personal computers or PC. The end of the 20th century, with the rise of the Internet, gave a big boost to everything that is associated with the science of calculating.
For what it is the theory of computing, it is considered a science focused on the study and the formal definition of the calculations. For this discipline, the calculation is the product a solution or a result, especially in the mathematics/arithmetic concept sense, insofar as it uses a process or algorithm.
In other words, the calculation is the science that studies, which systematizes the instructions and activities entered into a machine, while analyzing the factors that are involved in this process which include programming languages, which all generate a list data ordered and intelligible for the machine.
During the process, two types of analysis were held: one organic (the directions are translated into a language that is accessible by the computer) and a functional (available in the process of automating information is collected).
Speaking of calculation, it must first define the concept of algorithm. An algorithm is a set of data approaches that are structured in time responding to a list of clear operating rules whose purpose is to solve a problem statement. These approaches should meet certain conditions: be defined (clear, detailing each of the necessary steps to follow without ambiguities), finished (actions that form part must be completed in all logic and simplicity), have zero or more inputs and one or more outputs, and actual be (use nothing that needed for the resolution of the problem, by appealing to the least possible resources while still being able to run effectively).
The calculation is present in other areas such as artificial intelligence related to computers, graphic computing and networks, database systems, the mathematics of computers and of many engineering attached to this machine.
Nowadays, the development of computing and the respective technologies to develop any kind of documents, send and receive email, create digital drawings, edit audio recording media and print books, to cite just a few examples.
We will retain that the technology used in the calculation is microelectronics, with physical components (processor, memory, etc.) and logical (software and operating system).
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