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Celebration is a term with origins in Latin (celebratĭo). The concept refers to the action of celebrating (celebrate, commemorate, worship, hold a meeting or an event) and to mark an event of a particular manifestation or a special date: examples: "In the context of the celebration of the centenary of the institution, neighbors were treated to a Patrick Bruel concert", "I invite you to the celebration of my birthday will take place Friday next at 5 p.m. in the auditorium of the Conservatory of the city. "Two thousand police officers will be responsible for ensuring security during the celebration of the national holiday".
A celebration, therefore, may be a party, a ceremony or any other festive event. Its purpose is to remember or to commemorate an event or to honor a person. A birthday party, a meeting on the anniversary of the Foundation of a club or the opening of a new cultural centre are a few examples of celebrations.
The person who organizes the celebration is the host, which is often responsible for costs of the Festival. It is the host that decides what guests while choosing among his friends and members of his family. Some celebrations are massive while others are smaller and more intimate.
The concept of celebration is also used as a synonym of praise and acclamation. In this respect, celebrate someone or his actions, it is rent it solemnly: "celebrating the exploits of a hero."
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