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The word nature includes several meanings. For example, a man's character has to do with his personality and his raison d'etre. It is a psychological construct and the dynamic characteristics of a person. Example: "Lucie has bad character." This person has a personality that is not sociable being unsympathetic and unpleasant.
For Genetics, character means any transferable individual characteristic on a hereditary basis (from generation to generation). In biology, it's each of the strokes used in the description of human beings alive. The characters can be morphological, anatomical, physiological, behavioral, biochemical, genetic, geographical or otherwise. In addition, characters can also be qualitative or quantitative.
Told that the evolutionary change of a species occurs when a character is replaced by another. Thus, a series of characters is formed by the consecutive stages of its evolution. The series can cannot be linear if the character of the ancestor of several paths in the evolution of the descendants.
Regarding printing, in addition to the written or engraved in writing, sign a character is a letter or a sign that is used to compose the texts. Is given the name of bold to that which the grease (its color is enhanced) is large compared to the normal character says of the same family. On the other hand, there are the characters (letters) and lowercase.
In the field of music, a demi-caractere is a kind which is situated between the opera seria and opera buffa and whose expression presents no particular exaggeration.
For computing and telecommunications, a character is a unit of information corresponding to a grapheme or symbol, such as those of an alphabet of the natural language writing system. This definition arises from typography to which a character is a letter, a number, or any other symbol.
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