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Clamour is a term which comes from latin and refers to the cry or phrase pronounced with force and intensity. Examples: "the son of the victim did hear its clamor in the Court", "players gathered in a clamor against the leaders", "I assure you that my cry will be heard by the authorities."
A clamor is a voice of sentence which reflects the affliction, pain, distress and despair. The term is often used to refer to applications or expressions of victims of tragic events. The mother of a young man murdered in a robbery can speak to the media to transmit its clamor and demanding justice.
The public voice, formed by multiple expressions, is also considered to be a clamor. In this case, the clamor is the sum of the concordant opinions of many people. This multiplicity of opinions in a same meaning is that the application should be strengthened and exerts social pressure. If 100,000 people occur in the street to demand the resignation of a corrupt president, this clamor will be very important for the authorities, who will not be able to ignore it.
Another use of the notion of hue refers to the prayer that is made with passion and dedication. The hue can be a prayer addressed to God or a higher being, hoping to be heard: "Oh Lord, collect the clamor of your herd, and helps to overcome these difficult times," "my son, your shouts are always heard by God even though his designs may not be understood by our minds.
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