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Classification is the action and the effect of classifying, a verb meaning: distinguish among groups of items with similar characteristics; Ranger; order in a category; judging the level of satisfaction of the student through a qualifying event and then classify it in a row.
The concept of ranking is associated with that assessment, which means the action to assess, calculate, to estimate the value of something. It is possible to assess the skills, performance capabilities and the knowledge of the students, trainees or applicants for a position (in an interview) with a plug or an evaluation grid to decide the respective ranking: "this student has obtained an excellent ranking in the qualifying events. He will be admitted to any University. He could afford to enroll in one of his choice. It is the same for competition events: "Les Bleus fell two rows in the FIFA ranking, and now point to 17th place.
However, the classification is the result of the evaluation. This term is synonymous with somewhat of note or notation (quantification / written assessment). At school, the students are evaluated through controls, which are noted. At the end of each quarter, students receive their school notebooks (in the case of elementary school) or newsletters (college/high school) where details of their notes (out of 20) in each subject as well as the average general. This average to get a ranking. The ranking is calculated on the basis of the exact number of pupils belonging to the same class: "Anne-Marie DUBOIS of CM1 is classified in 2nd place out of 27 students.
In France, the education system assigns a reference to candidates who obtain the Bachelor to the first group of tests according to the obtained average: Mention AB (pretty much) if the average is equal to or greater than 12 and less than 14; Statement B (good) if the average is equal or greater than 14 and less than 16; Mention TB (very well) if the average is equal to or greater than 16. When the classification is excellent, the word with "with the jury's congratulations.
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