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The ranking is the action and the effect of classifying (store or dispose by classes). The term is also used to describe the relationship of the classified in a given event. This word is a synonym of classification. The choice between the two depends on the context.
Thus, in the world of sport, the ranking determines the outcome of the competition. For example: "Fernando Alonso won the first place in the ranking of the Monaco Grand Prix" or "following this victory, Boca Juniors won the top of the Argentine football tournament.
Biological classification, for example, is the taxonomy (of the Greek taxis, "order", and nomos, 'standard' or 'rule'). In general, it is the science of the classification which is to store bodies in a classification system composed by a hierarchy of taxonomic groups. The major goal of taxonomy is to organise the phylogenetic tree in a classification system.
Periodic classification (also called periodic classification), for its part, is the one that corresponds to the periodic table of the elements. It is an organization that meets many criteria, distributes several chemical elements according to certain characteristics. Usually, the table is associated with Dimitri Mendeleiev, which organized the elements based on the computational variation of chemical properties.
UNESCO has developed the international nomenclature for fields of science and technology. Known as the UNESCO classification, it is a knowledge classification system that is used to sort and organize research projects and doctoral theses.
In addition, there is mention Universal Decimal Classification, a system that has occurred need storing and cataloging books in libraries.
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