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Coaching is an interactive process by which a coach (coach) is assisting the coachee (the client who receives coaching) so he can get the best out of himself. The coach helps the person to achieve some goals through its own resources and expertise in the most efficient way possible.
The concept derives from the verb French coach ("lead"). The process assumes that the coachee is one which has more and better information to resolve situations to cope. However, the coach does not teach, it helps rather the coachee to learn alone.
Coaching requires five basic steps: observation (new perspectives, paradigms, beliefs and conduct analyses), the taking of consciousness (reflection on the power of choice and its consequences), the determination of the objectives (set you want to succeed), the actuation (with the information once gathered, the coachee must act steadily over time) and evaluation (should be checked if the target approaches or not what is desired; if necessary correct the actuation).
Among the criticism about the coaching, there are worth mentioning the lack of defined methodology (in the absence of academic regulations and appropriate certifications, it turns out that some coaches do not have the necessary training) and its tendency to thirst for success (due to refer only to the ability to get results, some find it superficial and unnecessary in the long term).
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