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The term code contains several meanings. It is, for example, a set of signs that within a system established, has some value: 'the programmer will have to correct the software code so that it works correctly.
Regarding information technology, means source code text developed in a programming language, and which must be compiled or interpreted to be executed by a computer.
In addition, a code is a digit or a combination of characters used to formulate and understand secret messages: "historians are trying to decipher the code the nazis used to exchange messages following the fall of the Third Reich.
According the theory of Communication, the code is the set of signs to be shared by the transmitter and the receiver of a message to be understood. If for example a man speaks in Spanish to someone who does not know the language, the communication is not possible because the code used to transmit the message is not the same for the two people.
Under the law, a code is a set of systematic legal standards that regulate, individually, a particular material. By extension, a code is the systematic collection of several laws (Code Civil, Penal Code, Code of the road, etc.) and the set of rules or precepts on any material.
Finally, the genetic code is the set of standards that allows that the information encoded in genetic material (DNA and RNA sequences) is translated into amino acids (protein) sequences in living cells.
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