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Colonization is the action and the effect of colonizing (establish a colony, set on a plot the abode of those who cultivate). The term is used in various fields to indicate the occupation or the population of an area (colonized) by a (colonizer) group, which may be as much human or that of another species.
In the context of men, settlement generally refers to the establishment of a population (settlers) in an uninhabited area. The concept is used as a justification to support the right to occupy a so-called Virgin territory, which means to ignore any previous occupation by other groups (Aboriginal or native).
The settlers, in this context, consider that the occupation of origin is insufficient and, therefore, it is justified to impose a supposed superiority (cultural, religious, ethnic or other).
An example of the colonization took place in the 15th century, at the time when the Spanish began their conquest of America. American territory was inhabited for a long time by various Aboriginal groups, but the Spanish have decided to settle through the arms of evangelization.
There are instead of talking about economic colonisation to evoke the unequal exchange that occurs between powerful countries and those who have a relationship of dependency. Usually, subject countries send raw materials while the richest developing more expensive manufactured products.
Means space colonization the hypothetical processes leading humans to create permanent and autonomous colonies in space. This colonization began in the books of science fiction but it is currently a possibility that several countries are working.
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