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The computer is a native concept of latin ordinātor. As an adjective, the term refers to one who put in order. It is an automatic machine that facilitates the processing of the data (information), obeying programs (so-called software) formed by suites of arithmetic and logical operations.
Examples: "my father gave me a new computer so I can study with other kinds of instruments', ' we need to call the technical service: we have three computers down", "I would like to buy a basketball game to install on my computer.
Computers are formed by various components and circuits that run of many sequences or routines of instructions by the user. Means the process which is to systematize such sequences based on some practical applications programmatically.
Users interact with the computer through computer programs (software) that are responsible for providing specific data for the processing of the information. The information can be used by the computer internally, or be transferred to another computer or electronic device.
The architecture of personal computers is composed of a logical and arithmetic unit (ALU said according to its acronym in English), a command unit (or control), memory (which stores information in units called bits) and input and output devices.
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