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Of French origin, the control word means testing, inspection, supervision or intervention. Similarly, it may refer master, control and balance, monitoring or domination on a system.
Control, on the other hand, is the office where are audits, which stand controllers, where the designation ext control.
In stock market parlance, it's the action of control a corporation where it owns sufficient shares or shares. On the railways, the control is an optical or acoustic device to teach about the position of a signal or a needle.
The control tower, on the other hand, is a building that has the shape of a tower from which an airport or a port traffic is controlled. The control room is way up there, given that the location and height of the tower are essential to view the area to control.
Then, in another context, there is mention the control in the birthrate, or the mechanisms/approaches aimed at limiting the number of births, which is important in the poorest and most disadvantaged countries.
Concerning the control of traction, it is an automobile safety system designed to prevent the lack of adhesion of the wheels of the vehicle, i.e., when they skated whenever the driver accelerates in excess or what it changes direction quickly.
Finally, the control word is synonymous with review / evaluation test, or a composition or a written question in class to evaluate the knowledge of students on a given substance.
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